gorgeous gel nails, every time

Wave hello, to halo hand

The perfect gel manicure, every single time.

Always on time, always on your schedule.


The perfect gel nails, every time

We’re bringing you the next generation of amazing gel-nail only salons.

Our Halo Hand method promises perfection every time, brought to you by the one and only Halo mani menu . We train our amazing manicurists to consistently bring you the best. So, when you sit in one of our chairs, you know you’re always about to look amazing - every single time.

This isn’t your mama’s old salon, this is perfect nails every time. Why hasn’t your local nail salon been updated since 1995? We didn’t know either, so we built Halo Hand for the modern woman. Now kick back and relax with those gorgeous nails.

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You work hard, we make gorgeous nails easy

At the end of your long day, the last thing you need is to roam around looking for a nail salon that’s affordable, quick, clean and still open.

Halo is here to bring a little joy back to your day, starting with amazing nails, each and every time. And we make it as easy-peasy for you. Why? Because you’re awesome.

Pay, tip & book online ahead of time. Open early, open late, so you always look great!

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Hello, here’s how you halo

Get ready, it’s nail-o-clock.

Use our site to schedule, pay and tip online ahead of time. Check in with the app once you arrive Beautiful nails booked.

Tell us what you want, what you really really want.

Check-in & fill out your preferences on our custom nail menu. It’s short & sweet to get your nails right every time. Guaranteed perfect for you.

A color palette fit for a queen.

Our paints are a curated selection of this season’s trends. Less mulling over choices, means you get to gorgeous, happy hands faster.